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Agapanthus: Terrasplant of the year 2018!

Highlands Potplants is specialist in the production of Agapanthus Amourette®.

We also have broad leaf Agapanthus Big in our product range.
Daily we work with a lot of passion and enthusiasm so we can let our products grow in a responsible way.

Agapanthus is a garden/ balcony plant and was named terrace plant 2018.

By our own cultivation of plant material in Kenya and our own selection programme we aim for an optimal product.

Our Agapanthus is available in a variety of pot sizes ranging from 13 cm to 60 cm.
Besides Agapanthus we also have Phormium, Leucojum and various scales with bedding plants in our product range.

To meet the market’s needs, we aim for a personal contact with our customers.

Our company is MPS-A as well as MPS-GAP qualified.

You can find our complete product range on FloraXchange.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

John Zuidgeest 0174 518850







Our company is MPS-A as well as MPS-GAP qualified:

152017_1_MPS-GAP.jpg  152017_1_MPSA.jpg

Agapanthus amourette blue highlands potplants agapanthus amourette white highlands potplants john zuidgeestagapanthus amourette africanus highlands potplants blue john zuidgeestagapanthus amourette africanus white john zuidgeest highlands potplants